Anilao Batangas have lots of resorts, You can choose from Luxury Accommodations to basic Accommodations. Most of the resorts in Anilao dont have white beach, most were quite rocky, we have few resorts with white sand, I will list here the names of the resorts who have white sand beach, 1. Aguila Beach Resort. 2. Isla water sport and dive resort. these 2 resort where in the right side of anilao port. And the rest got brown sand, rocky and steep slope, those were the resorts starting from Barangay Majuben going to Barangay Mainit. Each resorts have got their specialty, Some only accept beach goers, so if your scuba diver you have to be specific with your searching. because if its a resort for beach goers you will have hard time arranging your scuba diving activities. in that case you can contact ivans dive tour. we can recommend you the best place depends on your need and budget.


Scuba diving in Anilao Philippines is more fun with underwater macro photography. Anilao Philippines is well known to be the nudibranch capital of the Philippines and its not just nudibranch, Anilao have all these types of rare breed octopus from, mimic octopus, venomous blue ringed octopus, wonderpus, coconut octopus, ocellated octopus. Anilao have lots of crab and shrimps as well if your underwater macro photographer, you will really enjoy Anilao Philippines. you just need to have experience local dive guide.


Anilao is known to be rich with healthy corals, from sponges, hard corals, soft corals, if your underwater photographer and you want to capture healthy reef with lots of fishes like aquarium, Anilao is a must visit place


Anilao Got Dive Sites That Experienced Divers will enjoy. Like, Beatrice Rock, Kirbys Rock, Bahura Corner, Mainit Corner and more. these 4 dive sites were my personal favorite when it comes to, beautiful corals, healthy reef, you just need to be careful sometimes the current can be strong. but if you have a experienced local guide we can assure your safety.


Anilao Is Beginner Friendly We Have Dive Site Where You Can Have Calm And No Current Dive Site, Like The Shalow Part Of Cavan Cove. The Shallow Part Of Barangay Majuben And Barangay San Jose, The Easy Shore Entry Dive Is In Front Of Saltitude Dive And Beach Resort. In Front Got, Hard Corals, Artificial Reef, Friendly Giant Bat Fishes, If Your Lucky You Will See The School Of Jack Fishes As Well.


Anilao Is The Philippines, Most Accessible Dive Destination, Its Only 3 Hours Away From Manila Airport.
Anilao Is Known As The Nudibranch Capital Of The Philippines
Anilao Is The Birthplace Of Scuba Diving In Philippines
Anilao Is Known To Be Rich In Beautiful Corals And Muck Diving
Anilao Is Known To House Some Of The Worlds Most Sought After Critters
Anilao Giant Frogfish Is Known To Show Up Whole Year Round
Anilao Tiny Frogfish, Clown, Ocellated, Painted, Hairy Frogfish Expected To Be Found Whole Year Round
Anilao Is So Accessible As If Most Of The Resorts Were Full During Weekend By Manila Divers.
Anilao Is Now The Center Of Black Water Diving In Asia.

Diving in Anilao During MoonSoon or Habagat Season this is the month of July and August where there’s a lot rain and some typhoon passing through Philippines Northern Area, yes anilao is affected due to often rain and strong winds.

Is it possible to Scuba Dive in Anilao during Moon Soon?

Answer is yes! on this season more often we book our guest on Barangay Mainit Area, or if we cant book on those resort, its fine if your staying on resorts from Barangay Anilao to Barangay San Teodoro, these barangay were facing the Habagat Wind. you can still have fun, we use jeepney, tricycle, Pickup, to cary divers and their gear going to barangay mainit bay and from there, we can do shore entry and you can still enjoy scuba diving safely during habagat season, i uploaded an image below for reference with time stamp